Dedicated Fleet

Dedicated Fleet Services

At Brothers Freight Management, we specialize in dedicated fleet services and logistics. We focus on making logistics easy to take the pressure off your business operations.

There are numerous benefits to having a dedicated truck fleet ready to serve your company’s needs. This valuable logistics solution provides your business with access to outsourced truck fleets to streamline your distribution process.

When you partner with Brothers Freight Management for dedicated fleet services, your company will have complete control over your outsourced fleet to ensure we can support your operational requirements.

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Benefits of an Outsourced Truck Fleet

Outsourcing your shipping to a company with a dedicated fleet of trucks provides two main benefits to your business operations:

Streamline Logistics With a Dedicated Fleet

Contracting dedicated fleet services is a strategic approach to transportation management that involves outsourcing your logistics operations to an experienced company. We take the burden off your shoulders by offering reliable trucking services, complete with managing all of the planning, routing, dispatch and delivery needs for your company.

With a dedicated fleet to handle transportation, your business can reduce operational costs and improve efficiency while you focus on your core competencies, giving you more time and capital to put toward growth. By incorporating an outsourced truck fleet service into your business operations, you give yourself the flexibility to manage your shipping and distribution from a distance while knowing it’s being handled by experts.

Why Choose Brothers Freight Management as Your Logistics Partner?

We specialize in offering customized logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes. We maintain warehouses with 24/7 availability for your product storage needs, assist with fulfilling your orders and ship your product out in time to meet deadlines thanks to our full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping services.

Take advantage of our extensive fleet of more than 100 trucks, 10 expert service specialists, 75 van trailers, 20 rail trailers and 50 refrigerated transports ready to serve your logistics needs.

Contact Our Team to Discuss Dedicated Trucking Services

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, construction business, wholesaler, farmer or rancher, we’re ready to help your business ship products throughout the 48 continental states with ease. Contact us today for customized dedicated fleet services that will reduce your logistics expenses and give you more time to focus on doing your best work.