Freight Broker Services

Freight Broker Solutions

Brothers Freight Management offers nationwide broker services to move freight forward for our customers. As a freight brokerage logistics provider, we can manage virtually any brokerage need thanks to specialties in:

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What Are Freight Brokerage Services?

Shipping brokers connect shippers and qualified carriers to manage complex logistics and shipping requirements. The freight broker maintains relationships with carriers to handle customers’ shipping needs.

Here is how the broker service process works:

  1. A company needing shipping services contacts a freight broker like Brothers Freight Management.
  2. The freight broker reaches out to one of their trusted carriers on the company’s behalf.
  3. The carrier picks up the product and delivers the load to its destination safely and on time.

Throughout shipment, the freight broker maintains communication with the carrier and customer to keep all parties up to date.

By partnering with a freight broker company, you can focus on other critical aspects of your business and let a freight brokerage team of logistics specialists handle your shipping needs. As a result, your company will deliver products on time and have a seamless freight flow.

Advantages of Freight Broker Services

Brothers Freight Management, as freight brokerage experts, handles multiple aspects of freight shipping. We will find the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your shipments to the correct destination on time and intact. Freight broker services include:

  • Order management: Our team will collect essential information about your load requirements, such as freight dimensions and type, to match your shipment to the best carrier.
  • Carrier evaluation: We seek out the best carriers in the industry, maintain a professional relationship with them and match them to the right freight need.
  • Carrier negotiations: We compare rates between carriers and negotiate contracts to get the best deal for our customers.
  • Shipment monitoring: Our team makes sure your shipment arrives on time, devising and implementing alternate strategies as needed to prevent late deliveries. You’ll get full transparency into the shipping process with regular updates.
  • Compliance assurance: We will manage your compliance with carriers through provisions such as paperwork and insurance.

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Benefits of Partnering With a Freight Brokerage Company

Freight brokerage companies like Brothers Freight Management offer several advantages to companies with shipping needs. You can take advantage of our:

  • Extensive expertise: Shipping brokers have vast experience brokering professional, low-rate freight services for their customers.
  • Industry connections: Freight brokerage companies maintain relationships with vetted, trustworthy carriers. They monitor each carrier’s performance to ensure they deliver shipments safely and reliably.
  • Communication management: Your freight broker will communicate with your team and the carrier to keep shipments on time.

By partnering with a freight broker, you can save time by allowing a third-party team to handle the logistics on your behalf. Your company will also save money with cost-effective carriers and contracts.

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Your Premier Freight Broker Company

Brothers Freight Management is a professional freight brokerage company with over 20 years of experience managing shipping logistics for over 10,000 customers. Book your freight brokerage service today by contacting a brokerage specialist online or calling 888-595-8849.