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Brothers Freight Management is a freight forwarder for USA-based companies. As a freight broker and freight forwarder, we can handle any freight management need. Our team is here to put our years of experience, extensive industry connections and deep understanding of shipping standards to work for you.

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How Freight Forwarding Works

Freight forwarders are the intermediary between the company making the shipment and the final destination for the product. This service requires:

  • Planning and executing the logistics needed to transport products on behalf of their customers.
  • Managing the logistics process.
  • Building and maintaining connections with leading carriers.
  • Staying up to date on shipping standards and protocols.
  • Solving problems in the field as quickly as possible.

A freight forwarding service involves various transportation methods — such as land freight, ocean freight and air freight — to get the shipment from one destination to the next. Though the freight forwarder does not carry the shipment themselves, they manage and simplify this process for their customers to ensure on-time delivery.

Freight forwarding works by connecting the shipper, freight forwarder and customer. The shipper contacts the freight forwarder when they need their products delivered. The freight forwarder leverages their contacts with carriers to negotiate a contract that benefits their customer.

What is a Freight Forwarding Company?

Freight forwarder services cover virtually all aspects of shipping products to a new destination, including:

  • Negotiation services to get the best freight quote from shipping companies for the customer based on their specific shipping requirements.
  • Shipment tracking to maintain visibility of the shipment’s status.
  • Brokerage services to submit and maintain any documentation required for importing and exporting.
  • Warehousing to store shipments in their own facility or find storage space with a third-party warehouse.
  • Cargo scheduling and consolidation to find the most profitable and effective transportation for the customer.
  • Cost optimization to determine the most cost-effective transport based on freight charges, documentation costs and more.
  • Cargo insurance to cover the loss of stolen or damaged goods.

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Benefits of Freight Forwarding Management

Partnering with a freight forwarding company like Brothers Freight Management offers several benefits for your company. You can take advantage of our:

  • Extensive experience: We have decades of experience planning and executing complex shipping plans for our customers. We will find the most strategic shipping routes while overseeing the entire process on your behalf.
  • Access to premier carriers: We maintain professional relationships with carriers across the USA, making virtually any transportation need possible. We work with only the best carriers to ensure your shipments stay safe during transport and arrive on time.
  • Compliance knowledge: Our experts understand the various legal and regulatory standards for transporting goods. We will manage the documentation and administration to keep your shipment compliant.

By partnering with Brothers Freight Management, your team can focus on more critical business objectives while we handle your logistics.

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Your Premier Freight Forwarding Company in the USA

Brothers Freight Management is a professional freight forwarding company with over 20 years of experience and 10,000 satisfied customers. Book your freight forwarder service today by calling 888-595-8849 or contacting us online.